IND HEMP LLC is a Cornerstone of Circular Economy and Sustainability in the Industrial Hemp Supply Chain

Joseph B. Carringer, CEO CMG
April 24, 2022


For those of us who have been involved in industrial hemp in the years prior to the current CBD-driven "hemp rush," it is no secret that industrial hemp has long been claimed to have significant potential as a resource that can be circular as well as sustainable. However, despite all its potentiality, industrial hemp has repeatedly suffered from falling short of expectations due to unrealistic demands on nonexistent or fragile supply chains. For industrial hemp to live up to all the expectations placed on it, there needs to be a bulletproof and reliable primary processing supply chain at the most foundational levels.

Enter IND Hemp LLC, located in Ft. Benton, MT, USA. A family-owned and operated company, IND Hemp LLC has developed a reliable and scalable operational model that fulfills a desperately needed "cog in the gears" of the industrial hemp supply chain. My first introduction to IND HEMP LLC came from a YouTube video posted by the company to promote the sustainable and scalable aspects of industrial hemp and its processing facility to the Biden Administration ( My initial reaction to this video was enthusiasm and awe. My second was the realization that with an industrial supply chain resource such as IND HEMP LLC, the US-based hemp industry might have a chance to finally start making a positive environmental contribution to our growing global climate crisis.


Industrial hemp has a diverse collection of characteristics that make it a more sustainable agricultural crop. In general, it utilizes less fertilizer, pesticides, and water than other commercial agricultural crops. Additionally, the industrial hemp plant has a diverse portfolio of uses that it can be harvested for, from food, oil, fiber, and biomass. With a longer than average tap root, industrial hemp also can be a carbon-neutral to carbon negative agricultural resource for the industry.

The US domestic and global hemp industry needs state of the art examples of agricultural practices and processing techniques. As the usual suspects of industrial polluters get backed further into their carbon-emitting corner, they will need climate-friendly resource alternatives quickly and scalably. After decades of only theoretical plans and hypotheses, industrial hemp can finally take a seat confidently at the climate crisis solution table with IND HEMP LLC as one of the first in what will inevitably become a collection of industrial hemp supply chain solutions moving forward in the future.


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