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Canna Markets Group's consulting services will give your growing hemp-based business insight into the global hemp markets ensuring your company is making fully informed decisions for future growth and success.

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The industrial hemp industry's potential for global economic growth is limited only by the availability of the agricultural commodity and the infrastructure available to process it. Before investing your company's financial resources into any sector of the ever-changing industrial hemp marketplace, let CMG provide your company with unbiased and detail-oriented strategic planning analysis and due diligence to ensure your company has the highest possibility of success.

CMG's principals have over 40 years of combined industrial hemp expertise. With experiences spanning the areas of infrastructure, supply chain, production, and product development, they have unique and unbiased perspectives necessary for strategic planning initiatives, from a single hemp-based product or to develop a vertically integrated supply chain spanning from farm to finished goods.

Our team is ready to work closely with your company on customized consulting projects.

 Infrastructure Consulting

The industrial hemp agricultural, processing, and manufacturing infrastructures are in their developmental stages in nearly all market sectors. Let CMG provide you with the regional and global analyses to ensure your company's business model is positioning itself to have the greatest economic impact possible.

 Supply Chain Consulting

Historically, the industrial hemp supply chain has been tenuous at best for any sized hemp-based company. Consulting on supply chain logistics with our team can help mitigate the industry's minefield of risks and improve your company's chances for longterm survival as the global hemp commodity markets continue to mature.

 Production Consulting

Turning any product idea into a mass-produced, saleable, finished good is an art form in itself. From design drawings to design samples and every step thereafter, concluding with your product on the retailers' shelves, CMG has the experience and know-how to ensure that your product production's project management will go as smoothly as possible.

 Product Deveploment Consulting

Is your company still trying to refine its hemp-based product categories? Let CMG customize a market analysis based on your company's available budget and specific goals. We will work to find the highest areas of market impact and potential sales growth for your company's future.

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