Supply Chain Consulting 

Historically, the industrial hemp supply chain has been tenuous at best for any sized hemp-based company. Consulting on supply chain logistics with our team can help mitigate the industry's minefield of risks and improve your company's chances for longterm survival as the global hemp commodity markets continue to mature.

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Sourcing Raw Unprocessed Hemp

For the foreseeable future, your industrial hemp company will need redundant sources of raw unprocessed hemp. CMG will help you navigate all the related issues that can, and will, affect the supply of your raw unprocessed hemp production materials.

Hemp Processing

Whether you're looking to purchase already processed hemp material or trying to secure processing for your own hemp harvest, finding reliable and affordable processing is paramount for the success of future finished goods and a fiduciary responsibility your business owes to its hard-working farmers. CMG will help you find and streamline those processing relationships.

Hemp Manufacturing

There are limited but ever-growing options in the landscape of industrial hemp manufacturing, from processed hemp material to finished and packaged goods. CMG will work with your business to explore all of your options for your company's successful material processing.

Delivery, Warehousing, and Shipping

An essential but often overlooked component of the business planning process is warehousing and shipping. CMG will review business plans or evaluate current operable implemented solutions to determine your system's reliability and efficiency.

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