Production Consulting 

Turning any product idea into a mass-produced, saleable, finished good is an art form in itself. From design drawings to design samples and every step thereafter, concluding with your product on the retailers' shelves, CMG has the experience and know-how to ensure that your product production's project management will go as smoothly as possible.

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Materials and Findings

Manufacturing a finished good is an art form in and of itself. CMG's principals have experience in the nuances of identifying all the required material needs and sourcing to ensure your product hits the manufacturing line with all the required elements to produce the finished goods your company has envisioned.


CMG will work with you to find the right manufacture for your company's product lines. Manufacturer stability is paramount when outsourcing production. CMG's goal is to provide your company with the necessary information to choose a manufacturer that will be with your business as a stable partner throughout your company's development and growth.

Labels and Packaging

CMG's resources and the research team will help your business find the right solutions for labeling and packaging for your product, designed and delivered to fit seamlessly into your manufacturer's product production line.


CMG's research team will always be on hand to work with your business to answer questions as they come up and provide an outsid-the-box perspective through your manufacturing processes.

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