Infrastructure Consulting 

The industrial hemp agricultural, processing, and manufacturing infrastructures are in their developmental infancy stages in nearly all market sectors. Let CMG provide you with the regional and global analyses to ensure your company's business model is positioning itself to have the greatest economic impact possible.

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Agricultural Land Use

Industrial hemp agriculture is in its infancy in most global markets. CMG can help provide the necessary data to farms and the industries they support to establish best practices including for successful and profitable crop harvests.

Agricultural Equipment

Though it is possible to retrofit old farm equipment for use in hemp agriculture there, is an established global market for equipment specializing in hemp agriculture. CMG will work with your farm or business to point you in the right direction for the best equipment manufacturers for your agricultural needs.

Processing Infrastructure

Whether you are an established materials processing company such as a forest products producer who is researching best practices on how to add industrial hemp to your processing services or a start-up company preparing to build out a new processing facility, CMG will work with you to answer questions and find the resources needed to enable your facilities successful transition or emergence into the hemp processing market.

Processing Equipment

CMG's resources will help your business find the equipment manufacturers necessary for the success of your hemp processing facility. From seed presses to hemp decorticators and all other required processing equipment components in between, we are committed to providing your company with the necessary information required to make informed equipment purchases.

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